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   10.4 inch 4:3 TFT LCD TV + VGA
10.4 inch 4:3 TFT LCD TV + VGA

10.4 inch 4:3 TFT LCD TV + VGA

Model Number : TV-104VGA

Brief Feature:
10.4 inch TFT LCD TV with VGA port
TFT-LCD digital panel
VGA Resolution: 1024x768/800x600/ 640x480
Built-in speaker

  •  Product name: 10.4 inch TFT–LCD Monitor with TV and VGA function
  •  Fitting Display: TFT-LCD digital panel
  •  VGA Resolution: 1024x768/800x600/ 640x480
  •  TV display: supporting CATV (analog TV single)
  •  TV system: PAL、SECAM、NTSC、PAL-M/N
  •  Language: Chinese, English, Russian etc
  •  Two Video input: AV1, AV2 and one audio output
  •  Timing switch machine, Remote control, Built-in speakers
  •  Terminal connection: External antenna input, Headphone jack (dual-channel) Audio/Video (AV) Input jack, External power input jack.
  •  Using Range: monitor used in business control、car monitoring、Engineering applications, hairdressing instrument、office and home
  •  Power: Alternating Current-AC adapter 12V
  •  Available Color: Black、Silver

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